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“It is rare to find people who have the ability to listen and who are able to be empathetic, but still objective and professional. It was a pleasure to work with Ramona, who is also a very good strategist and has a wealth of valuable knowledge which she is able to communicate with high standards both verbally and in written form.”

Prof Andy Lowe

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Ramona provides clarity of vision around complex projects. She remains focussed on the long term objective while laying down stepping stones for shorter term achievements.

Wendy Rosenthal

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Ramona is a very focused, reliable and experienced manager who has impressive skill sets across multiple disciplines. She always provided solutions instead of focusing on the challenge and she taught me a new things along the way.

Wayne Cunningham

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Working with Ramona on this complex global project was fantastic. I found her attention to detail to be rock solid and her strategic game was first rate. Calm under significant pressure, she was critical to our success.

Felicity Blake

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Ramona’s focus, intelligence, diplomacy, and persuasiveness were assets to our team. Ramona is also a kindhearted and optimistic person, which adds an endearing positivity to her no-nonsense, businesslike approach.

Tim Jarvis, photo credit Anthony McKee

Tim Jarvis AM

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For almost 5yrs Ramona was my manager and dependable daily sounding board. She was solutions focussed and always ready to roll up her sleeves to keep even the most complex projects and expeditions moving forward.

David Cropley

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Ramona is great at asking the questions people haven’t asked. She helps clear the path, explore possibilities and makes way for opportunity. Ramona has a wide and varied network, and brings to bear valuable insights and knowledge that bring clarity to my communications needs.

Tim Flannery

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I worked with Ramona in trust and confidence knowing that she represented my interests with respect and professional integrity. She kept my goals in clear view, and was great at fielding competing demands on my time.