The kind of work I do

For those set to take the world by storm… Ramona tailors services to you.


Helping you work out what direction you really want to go in, from a place of personal purpose. Being your impartial sounding board.

Finding new ways to get you to your audience, including websites, social media, apps, events.

Making sure your image, tone & voice are consistent across all your communications.

Being the contact point and filter, exploring interconnectedness, and maximising opportunity.

Media liaison and relationship building.

Speaker or appearance fee negotiation, finessing presentation content and style.

What makes us special

  • Attention to detail.

    Sometimes you’re so overwhelmed with the big picture that you don’t know where it all fits in, or even where to start. It’s not your fault. Stepping back and taking it all in, or zooming into the minutiae can be hard to do. But Ramona seems to do these two simultaneously, seeing all the miniature moving parts that morph and change, as the big picture evolves.

  • We love our work.

    You and Ramona both love what you do – that’s the first thing you have in common.  You both want to see positive change in the world. You both want to use your innate skills to make that happen.  You want to share what you know with others so that they can be a little (or a lot) better off.

  • We develop a way.

    You’re the visionary.  Ramona will work with you to develop a path to actualise those big dreams. She’ll help get you there.