A little about me

Ramona Dalton, marketing magic change-maker (a.k.a. strategist)


The best way to succeed
is to build strong relationships with honesty,
integrity and real connection.

A bit about Ramona

As a young Canadian-Hungarian, Ramona Dalton imagined a life far from the cold winter months of Montreal. After some travel and stints in London and Brisbane, she carved out her life in Adelaide, Australia. Ramona’s culture-filled background gives her a unique perspective when it comes to seeing the possibilities available to people and to businesses.

She chooses to work with big dreamers… Doers with the moxie to take the plunge and create change… People who are ready to shoot for their goals… and she offers you the attention you and your goals deserve. Big things don’t happen overnight or with off-the-shelf, pre-packaged formulas. You need grit, organisation. originality, and purpose… something in which Ramona thrives.

While working at the South Australian Museum, Ramona relished being knee-deep in work for the soon-to-be ‘Australian Of The Year’ Tim Flannery, including his global book tour, speaking circuit, and TV show filming schedule.

Ramona knows what it’s like to support big dreamers with big projects. She conceptualised and implemented multiple campaigns for internationally renowned environmental explorer Tim Jarvis AM. The projects included two major expeditions, two international films and books, four websites, eight social media accounts, two museum exhibitions and countless speaking tours. She understands the importance of momentum and how to keep that ball rolling.