Here's to those with big ideas...

The ones who push the world forward and inspire us to do better.

Strategic engagement

with a personal touch.

What Ramona Dalton offers is not strictly marketing. She understands that each client has unique goals. That’s why she offers a personalised hands-on approach, paying close attention to your personal purpose. She takes big, bold ideas and makes them bigger and better.

She listens to your story, your dream, and develops a plan on how to get you there. It’s about how to communicate to your specific audience by building relationships, making connections and presenting a confident image.


Individuals with a dream

to impact change.

Our clients come from varied fields, but each have big talents, big dreams and the desire to impact change in the world. We have clients in the academic and museum sectors, science arena, TV Production space, and global profile management. Ramona develops and implements a public engagement strategy that includes creative concept, marketing content creation, production, relationship building and original ideas suited uniquely to your vision.